Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New CD | "Fooled 'em again"

The Blue Mugs second CD is now on sale!

The story of the Blue MUGs... since the last CD...

Our first CD came out about 2 years ago, and since then the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group, known as the Blue MUGs, have continued to bring ukulele to the world.

We are just as surprised as anybody at the continued growth of the ukulele community and of the MUGs in particular. We now have over 1000 members on our social media site. The Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival (Australia’s oldest ukulele festival) has grown from an idea in a pub 5 years ago, to over 50 acts and 5000 visitors. It has taken out prizes at our regional tourism awards 2 years running and is now regarded as an icon of Blue Mountains tourism. Now the Ukulele JAMboree looks to become part of our calendar as well.

One of the delights of the MUGs is the musical growth of its members and of the group as a whole, as you will hear on this recording. Many groups have grown out of the MUGs, each with its own style and energy. The MUGs continue to welcome and develop those new to the ukulele. We love nothing more than seeing our audience turn into ukulele players.

We hope this recording captures some of the fun and energy of the MUGs and that, when you listen to it, you might smile as much as we did when we were making it.

Download it here or contact us for a CD version.

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