Who we are

 The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group is a bunch of great people of different ages and from different backgrounds, who meet to play  ukulele, sing together and enjoy each other’s company. We aim to bring the joy of playing the ukulele to as many people as possible and promote playing community music.

We welcome beginners who have never played a musical instrument. Many of us have played other musical instruments for years and have started a late love affair with the ukulele. Some of us are professional musicians who joined the group because they just have lot of fun when they play with the Blue MUGs.

Where we’ve come from

The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group was established in 2008 to provide local musicians with a forum to play ukulele and perform. The Group had an interesting start with one group starting at Springwood and another at Lawson. Within a few weeks they both made contact and from these humble beginnings, starting with just a few members, we have grown to over 2000 members online.

Why not pick up a ukulele and join in!