The Play and Sing Project

The Play and Sing Project aims to bring the benefits of playing and singing music to school students through a simple and inexpensive model of music education based on the ukulele.

Recent research conducted by The Song Room has found that long-term participation in music programs improves children’s grades in academic subjects such as English and mathematics. It is also shown to lead to higher levels of wellbeing among children, including less stress, increased self-esteem and, importantly, improved social skills.

One of the aims of the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group is to promote the playing of music in schools through the ukulele. To this end we have already partnered with a number of schools so that they might publish their model of music education in a program that can be offered to other schools.

The Play and Sing Project has been established to provide teacher training to improve the quality of music education K-6 and, more specifically, to allow schools and teachers to implement the music requirements of the National Curriculum.